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Barça will solve pay-cut situation in court in case of no agreement with the players



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As if the situation at the club couldn’t get any worse, the latest reports suggest more drama is on the way. They say Barça will solve the pay-cut situation in court in case of no agreement with the players. And that, needless to say, could be another stain on Josep-Maria Bartomeu’s record.

By now, everyone knows Barcelona are having financial issues. This is a direct result of the recent outbreak but also something they brought upon themselves with an inefficient transfer strategy. Handing out long contracts with high wages to players who don’t necessarily deserve them is certainly a part of the problem.

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And now that the massive wage bill has actually prevented them from making signings, the Catalans are adamant on cutting them down. However, there’s an issue. The players are not exactly willing to forfeit their money and the whole thing might escalate rather quickly.

According to the newest reports, Barça are willing to solve this pay-cut situation in court if the team refuses to cooperate. The board would like the players to accept a deduction of around 30%, which is quite the sum.

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So from their point view – seeing how they are also not to be blamed for the club’s shaky financial situation – they have every right to refuse. But since Barcelona are deep in red, they could seek legal ways to solve the crisis.

It goes without saying that this will only create more drama. The rift between the upper hierarchy and the players is only growing stronger…

Source: Què T’hi Jugues

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