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Arturo Vidal will sign a 2-year contract with Inter

Today could be a decisive day for the Chilean.



Everything points to the deal being done soon and Arturo Vidal will sign a 2-year contract with Inter. It does seem like a farewell is on the cards and we could even hear some updates today.

For quite some time now, the Chilean has been mentioned as one of the potential candidates to depart Camp Nou. Of course, he’s hardly the only one on Ronald Koeman’s chopping list but after Ivan Rakitić, he may very well be next.

The Italian sources claim the midfielder will say his goodbyes to the squad today and then, only details will separate him from the transfer as he joins his new team as a free agent.

However, he won’t press for Barcelona to pay his contract in full, which is a sign of respect. The 32-year-old Vidal will sign with Inter for two years with an option for the third. If the sources from abroad are to be believed, it will be a €6m contract. And needless to say, that’s quite a lot of money.

More importantly, the coming hours could be decisive in this transfer. Vidal is expected to sort everything with both clubs and will then officially depart. If everything goes well, we could see the announcement later on today.

The revolution is starting and the veterans of the club will be the first ones to feel it on their skin. First Rakitić, then Vidal and then the rest.

We’ll have to wait and see who’s next on the chopping bock.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport

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