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Analysing how Barcelona can still thrive with Joao Cancelo



Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images

Barcelona find themselves in the midst of a profound financial crisis, a reality that threatens their ability to comply with Financial Fair Play regulations. 

This predicament not only jeopardises their capacity to register many of their current first-team players but also casts a shadow over any aspirations of acquiring new talent.

Amidst these financial woes, the uncertainty surrounding Joao Cancelo’s future at the club looms large. 

The full-back, on loan from Manchester City last season, received mixed reviews for his inconsistent performances. Nevertheless, Barcelona remain steadfast in their desire to retain him.

Negotiations with Manchester City have proven challenging as the English club leans towards a permanent sale rather than another loan stint. This preference clashes directly with Barcelona’s financial constraints, making a deal increasingly improbable.

Cancelo remains contracted to City until 2027 but does not feature in Pep Guardiola’s plans, prompting City to seek a definitive sale. 

They have set a price tag of €20-€25 million, a figure that Barcelona may struggle to meet given their current financial predicament. This impasse suggests that the transfer saga could drag on well into the summer window.

There are solutions within the team

Barcelona have four options for two full-back positions. (Photo by PAU BARRENA/AFP via Getty Images)

In light of these circumstances, Barcelona must search for solutions internally. The club boasts a roster of young full-backs who could potentially fill the void left by Cancelo’s departure. Among them are Alejandro Balde, Alex Valle, Julian Araujo, and Hector Fort.

Balde, recovering from injury, is earmarked for a key role in the squad. Hansi Flick, the new coach, views him as a potential star akin to Alphonso Davies

Despite the fact that his participation in the pre-season is in jeopardy, Balde is expected to be fit for the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, Valle impressed during a loan spell at Levante, prompting Barcelona’s management to include him in the pre-season and US tour with the first team. His performance will be closely scrutinized by Flick, with decisions on his future imminent.

Araujo, having spent the previous season on loan at Las Palmas, will also participate in pre-season under Flick’s watchful eye. His offensive prowess is noted, though defensive improvements are needed before securing a permanent spot in the first team.

Lastly, at just 17 years old, Fort represents the youngest option. Recently signed to an extended contract, he has showcased versatility by excelling on both the right and left flanks. His potential makes him a valuable asset for Barcelona’s future campaigns.

Why Barcelona must not dwell deeper

Barcelona should not spend much time negotiating with Manchester City for Joao Cancelo.(Photo by Alex Caparros/Getty Images)

Amid discussions about Cancelo’s potential contribution, particularly his current form at the ongoing Euro tournament, questions arise about the necessity of pursuing costly external transfers. 

Barcelona already boasts four capable options across the full-back positions, a depth that could mitigate the financial uncertainties currently plaguing the club.

However, should negotiations with Manchester City persist in their deadlock, Barcelona risk exacerbating their financial woes while hampering other strategic priorities such as a left-winger and a pivot. 

The focus, therefore, must remain on fostering internal talent and making prudent financial decisions that safeguard the club’s long-term stability.

In conclusion, while Joao Cancelo’s future hangs in the balance and external pressures mount, Barcelona possess a cadre of promising young full-backs poised to step up. 

Their development not only aligns with the club’s financial reality but also ensures a sustainable pathway forward amid turbulent times. 

Thus, Barcelona must navigate these challenges with foresight and resilience, prioritizing internal growth while cautiously evaluating external prospects to secure a prosperous future for the club.

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