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Abidal considers Laurent Blanc as a ‘temporary’ Barça coach

It’s looking increasingly likely there will be a new man sitting on the bench of Barcelona next season.



Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP via Getty Images

If the newest reports are to be believed, Quique Setién might be ‘enjoying’ his last days as Barcelona coach because apparently, we could be seeing a new man sitting on that bench the very next season. Eric Abidal is considering to appoint Laurent Blanc as a ‘temporary’ Barça coach before the inevitable arrival of Xavi.

The former Azulgrana midfielder has already rejected their call once but we also know that it’s his dream to return and lead the team once he is ready and the circumstances are just right.

That means Laurent Blanc would indeed be just a ‘temporary’ Barça coach and would be that transition between Setién and Xavi – someone to keep the team from falling apart until the prodigal son returns.

Unfortunately, that leaves Setién in a lose-lose situation because either way, he’s gone. Unless he somehow manages to win the Champions League, which could be the only way the board actually leaves him in charge. But even in that scenario, he’s just delaying the inevitable.

Blanc, on the other hand, is quite optimistic and motivated. Not to mention that he comes with a hefty resume to back up his case. And then, if he performs well, there might be room for more than just a solitary year at the Camp Nou.

Only time will tell.

Source: L’Equipe and Sport

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