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A board meeting at Barça is scheduled what would define Bartomeu’s future



Image by Alberto Estévez via Imago

The transfer window ended, but the pressure to remove president Josep María Bartomeu from his duties continues. A board meeting is scheduled between Tuesday and Wednesday for the upcoming week. The board will plan whether they will step-off after the end of Més Que Una Moció (the vote of no confidence), or resign before the process finalizes.

Today, 15,557 signatures have been validated out of the 16,250 that are needed to carry out the motion of censure against Bartomeu’s board. That is why, currently, there is an atmosphere of pressure at the club offices. The board is looking for a way to leave the club in a non-disappointing way, but it seems too late for that.

However, it is expected that Bartomeu will try to fight until the last minute. Even though his board will meet in order to discuss how they will step-off, the president may want to find another solution.

Weeks ago, Bartomeu used the COVID-19 pandemic in his favor as an excuse to not resign. Apparently, the president still believes that resigning while the club is suffering from the coronavirus crisis would be irresponsible. But using a similar excuse may not apply this time with the Més Que Una Moció movement.

So far, the only thing we know is that there probably is no escape hatch for the board anymore. They look cornered, and key days are coming for the future of Bartomeu’s board and the club.

Source: Tot Costa (Cat Radio), Marçal Lorente (Mundo Deportivo correspondent)

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