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85% of signatures against Bartomeu’s board are being validated



Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images

The second round of signature validations for the vote of no confidence against Josep María Bartomeu’s board has ended this Wednesday with 6,810 signatures reviewed in total. According to the promoters of the vote, up to now 5,795, 85%, have been considered valid; 249, 3.65%, have been declared void, and 766, 11.2%, are pending review.

The signature validation is taking place in the Camp Nou auditorium. According to the club’s bylaws, the voting table has ten business days to count and validate the signatures. Of the 20,687 signatures collected, 16,521 are needed to drive the vote of no confidence.

In case there are doubts about the validity of a signature, the services of a graphologist will be required, who will be present at the table, and it is not ruled out to call the partners to check if there are any irregularities. If the count ends up being successful, a referendum will be held among the partners, who will say yes or no to Bartomeu and his board. It’s a matter of time.

Source: esport3

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